Practice for Movement

Education Primary Reflexes RPRMŽ

The Education Primary Reflexes RPRMŽ is a course based on experience, with an emphasis on acquiring skills, sensitivity, and body awareness, related to perception and respiration

As a graduate you will be able to inhibit Primary Reflexes in children and adults. Furthermore you will be equipped with very adequate techniques to balance people and help them to release physical, bio-chemical and mental stress. After this course you can start your own practice. It is also possible to deploy your new skills in business and the world of education.

Structure and form of the Course RPRMŽ

The training has been created based on experience and understanding of how to convey this material as fully as possible.
The course RPRMŽ consists of modules, that will be taught bi-monthly on Saturdays, Starting January 2024
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Contents of the Renewed Course RPRMŽ

Due to profound influences causing changes in society, RPRMŽ has been split into 2 parts and new techniques and information have been added. The focus is more on Social cultural societal influences in larger context as well as on the influence of our solar system affecting our personal situation.

\\ RPRM 1

RPRM 1 consists of 4 modules taught on 16 Saturdays, usually 2 times a month between 10am and 6pm, and 5 practice evenings.


RPRM 1 gives you a solid and comprehensive foundation to apply full Primary Reflex inhibition and stress release. Developing skills, knowledge and self-perception form the basis of the training. RPRMŽ 1 concludes with a certificate.

Cost for RPRM 1 is ?3600,-

\\ RPRM 2

RPRM 2 consists of 10 to 11 days. Subjects dealt with are: influences from Society, from history and from our solar system, unknown influences. Stress and beliefs, identifying unacknowledged stress, stress transformation, stepping out of stress.

RPRM 2 offers insight into the efficacy of intense long-term influences in the individual from outside and provides the basis for detecting them when they cause uninhibited reflexes and stress, so that stress release is possible.

Cost for RPRM 2 is ?2400,-

Note: Autumn 2023, 2 introductory mornings will be organised in September and October on Fridays.
Dates will appear on the site from June2023.