Practice for Movement

About Margaret Mulder

In my work I cooperate with children and adults to restore their potential for organic recovery, preferable with as few (external) tools as possible. On the one hand to prevent children getting burdened by stickers that solve nothing, on the other hand to keep them from unnecessary suffering and medication. I do this in a society where people are advised to swallow pills and take vaccinations for every nuisance or possible future nuisance.

Working with children and adults made me see how uninhibited Primary Reflexes can floor people physically, emotionally and mentally time and again. Studying the relation between Primary Reflex activity and processes in our body and psyche, the enormous positive potential of Primary Reflex inhibition presented itself.

My training in several therapies served as a broad foundation that I use to cooperate with people to stimulate the self regenerating potential of their body. Research into expression, brain- and body activity gradually came to be movement experience and study of movement in its broadest sense. I elaborated all my experience as a therapist into a painless and medicine free Primary Reflex inhibition which I apply in my practice. This therapy also neutralises the impact of causal events that caused someone’s disturbing Primary Reflexes to remain active. I have been focussing on sound and movement in relation to developments in the human organism and specifically in the sphere of Primary Reflex activity.

In my publications I stimulate the dissemination of information on Primary Reflex activity in our body. Furthermore I provide in Primary Reflexes inhibition training (Remembering Primary Reflex Movement, RPRM®).


Work experience