Practice for Movement

Reflexes and primary Reflexes

In the Practice for Movement we work towards the regeneration of vitality, self-confidence and health. We search for the optimal treatment method, often finding Primary Reflexes to play an important role.

Of the countless reflexes every person has at his disposal, Primary Reflexes play a very important role. Primary Reflexes start to develop at the layout of a foetus’s nervous system in the womb. When developed, these automatic movements help in the birthing process and to survive during the first months of his live. Primary Reflexes are vital for a baby and regulate most of his actions. To be able to develop himself further, a baby will have to learn new movements which enable him to inhibit his Primary Reflexes in his first year. After that he literally has his hands free for balanced development, to mature until he becomes ‘school ripe’.

When Primary Reflexes fail to get inhibited naturally, they lower vitality, disturb immune system activity and wear you out. Symptoms may be: disturbances of locomotion, concentration and behaviour. ADD, ADHD, coordination troubles, sensory disintegration, panic attacks, fear of failure, bedwetting, dyslexia, allergies, RSI, burn-out, M.E., aversion to work and exhaustion.
Such Primary Reflex related symptoms will vanish when these reflexes are inhibited with external help.

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