Practice for Movement

Essential principle in the Practice for Movement

The activating essential principle at the Practice for Movement consists of the acknowledgement that live is movement. Troublesome or painful symptoms can be caused by repetitive movement somewhere in your organism. The body is not able to process stress adequately and seems to get stuck in a furrow. When this causes energy not to flow naturally, a symptom is created. When similar symptoms trouble several people they get a label, a diagnosis, like ADHD.

It follows that it is important to track down any impediment to movement in order to restore the flow. At the Practice for Movement we work towards regaining and reinforcing your life force. This is done by undoing disturbing (repetitive) movement that impedes the self-recovering potential of your organism. We cooperate in enhancing your vitality and focussing your attention so you can do what you want to do.

Owing to unfamiliarity with uninhibited Primary Reflexes people donít search in that direction. Failure to recognize the actual underlying causes of learning and behavioural disabilities results in erroneous treatment or no treatment at all, which makes children and adults go round in a vicious circle. This is the reason the Practice for Movement also concentrates on spreading knowledge about the bothersome consequences of uninhibited Primary Reflexes. How easy Primary Reflex related problems can be solved is shown, thus promoting a new attitude to health. This new attitude concentrates on realisation of potential and on having an open attitude to the wondrous action of life in a continuous exchange of vibration and movement. The responsibility lies within everyone.